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Top 5 Sports Magazines - Sports Illustrated Magazine

Sports Illustrated Magazine has been a trusted resource on sports for six decades. With in-depth journalism on a wide range of sports, this magazine covers it all.

In 2012, the circulation of this weekly sports publication topped 3 million, and it is reportedly read by more than 20 millions adults per month.

Sports Illustrated is known for, among other things, its annual swimsuit issue, as well as features like “Faces in the Crowd.” Its insider look at the world of football, baseball, hockey, backetball, golf, boxing, soccer and more has kept readers returning time and again.

  • Issues per year: 56
  • Publishing frequency: Weekly
  • First published: 1954
  • Publisher: Time Inc. (Time Warner)

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Sports Illustrated Magazine

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6 comments on “Sports Illustrated Magazine
  1. LJ says:

    No doubt, second best. ESPN takes the crown! BAM!!

  2. Mike says:

    “Signs Of The Apocalypse”, “Faces in the Crowd”, etc….SI is the best by far and always will be.

  3. efpierce says:

    SI used to be a good sports magazine, but just as the world of sports has changed, so has SI. Mostly for the worse. They aren’t the giant they used to be.

  4. markZ says:

    Still bringing the goods after all these years. SI will never be bested, ESPN has no chance.

  5. rob says:

    I can’t read this anymore. Is it just me??

  6. Merton Miller says:

    I had SI for years. Now it’s become TIME with a ball. And they went to monthly with a “coffee table” type mag. Don’t like it anymore. Too PC for me..I’m old school..give me highlights, comments, player profiles, etc. every week. Sports is crap right now with Virus stuff, but I want up to date info every week.Think I’ll try ESPN mag.

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