Top 5 Sports Magazines

There's a lot to keep track in the world of sports. Stay on top of the latest sports news with our short list of the top sports magazines out there today. Stop paying cover price at the news stand, and, instead, get a deep discount on a subscription for one or more of the best sports magazines available today.

Sports Illustrated Magazine

Sports Illustrated Magazine has been a trusted resource on sports for six decades. With in-depth journalism on a wide range of sports, this magazine covers it all. In 2012, the circulation of this weekly sports publication topped 3 million. Save up to 86%! View this deal ›

ESPN The Magazine

ESPN The Magazine is a baby by magazine standards (first published in 1998) but it already had a circulation topping 2 million in 2012. This bi-weekly sports magazine brings 26 jam-packed issues each calendar year. Save up to 80%! View this deal ›

Outside Magazine

Outside Magazine covers everthing that defines the active lifestyle. First published in September 1977, this outdoors magazine is devoted to adventure, travel, outdoor gear, fitness, and all outdoor activities. Save up to 75%! View this deal ›

Runner’s World Magazine

Runner’s World is, quite simply, a magazine made for running enthusiasts of all kinds. Whether you’re a veteran runner of many decades or a complete novice to the running world, this monthly publication will have you covered. Save up to 67%! View this deal ›

Golf Magazine

Golf Magazine is a leading source of golf coverage from top to bottom, and has been for more than five decades. Each monthly issue of this publication includes in-depth features, behind-the-scenes looks, advice, and more. Save up to 81%! View this deal ›

This is our list of the top five sports magazines out there today. Get heavily discounted prices with these sports magazine subscriptions and ensure that you'll be in the know with timely and respected coverage. These publications will keep you in the know.

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