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Outside Magazine
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Top 5 Sports Magazines - Outside Magazine

Outside Magazine is an American outdoor-sport publication covering everthing that defines the active lifestyle.

First published in September 1977, this outdoors magazine is devoted to adventure, travel, outdoor gear, fitness, and all outdoor activities.

Outside is often a top choice for outdoor enthusiasts, as it provides coverage for sports like rock climbing, alpine mountaineering, mountain biking, and more. Add in travel tips, environmental coverage and gear reviews for a complete outdoors reading experience.

  • Issues per year: 12
  • Publishing frequency: Monthly
  • First published: 1977
  • Publisher: Mariah Media

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Outside Magazine

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Outside Magazine

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6 comments on “Outside Magazine
  1. dr mountain says:

    Outside is a good general outdoors magazine. But if you’re looking for something more specific – rock climbing, backpacking, camping, etc. then I would look at other ones. Backpacker Magazine is tough to beat for hiking, camping, backpacking, etc…

  2. efpierce says:

    Outside combines some really good articles with excellent gear reviews. You can’t go wrong with this one, I have read it since it first came out.

  3. rob says:

    Decent magazine for outdoor types. A little too general sometimes but they do cover it all.

  4. ntr says:

    Outside is OK but their content is a little far-reaching for me sometimes. I do have to give them credit for their feature stories, though. Features are kind of a lost art these days, but they do a good job with them.

  5. mav says:

    Solid outdoors magazine. Nothing groundbreaking, no pulitzer prize award winning stories here but entertaining each and every month.

  6. EddieV says:

    This isn’t really an “outdoors” magazine that has beta on routes or deep info on backcountry trails but they do a great job with features on people and also on food and travel type of stuff for people who like to get outdoors. I like it so far.

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