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Backpacker Magazine
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Top 5 Outdoors Magazines - Backpacker Magazine

If you hit the trails or long for the mountains more than the average person, Backpacker Magazine is not likely to disappoint.

With nine issues each calendar year, this outdoors magazine is perfect for the outdoor sports enthusiast, offering up everything needed to make the next backcountry experience a success – from backpacking, to camping, to hiking, to climbing, to mountaineering and more.

In each issue of Backpacker Magazine, you’ll find outdoor gear reviews, wilderness and survival tips, trip reports, coverage of specific destintations and even strength and conditioning advice.

  • Issues per year: 9
  • Publishing frequency: Monthly
  • First published: 1973
  • Publisher: Active Interest Media

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Backpacker Magazine

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Backpacker Magazine

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Backpacker Magazine

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5 comments on “Backpacker Magazine
  1. Lee says:

    Oh man I love this magazine! Just wish there were more like it. After years I still have yet to find anything close to as good as Backpacker.

  2. dr mountain says:

    Backpacker is filled with useful tips about camping, backpacking, hiking, etc. I save all of my old copies and go back to re-read them constantly before I hit the backcountry.

  3. rob says:

    I can’t sing the praises of Backpacker enough. There is only one magazine that I have ever read cover to cover and it is Backpacker each and every time. I’ve learned about so many great spots around the country and their outdoor tips are incredible.

  4. ntr says:

    Backpacker does a tremendous job of covering the ENTIRE U.S., not just the popular hiking and backpacking spots that everyone knows about. I actually rip out pages and save them for later.

  5. Mc says:

    An absolutely fantastic magazine. One year of Bacpacker will give you enough hiking and camping spots to last a lifetime. Quality publication through and through.

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