Top 5 Sport-Specific Magazines

When it comes to your sport of choice, you can never get enough. On this short list of top sport-specific magazines are highly-focused publications about individual sports. Gain priceless knowledge on your sport - and all for just a fraction of cover price.

Runner’s World Magazine

Runner’s World is, quite simply, a magazine made for running enthusiasts of all kinds. Whether you’re a veteran runner of many decades or a complete novice to the running world, this monthly publication will have you covered. Save up to 67%! View this deal ›

Golf Magazine

Golf Magazine is a leading source of golf coverage from top to bottom, and has been for more than five decades. Each monthly issue of this publication includes in-depth features, behind-the-scenes looks, advice, and more. Save up to 81%! View this deal ›

Yoga Journal

Founded in 1975, Yoga Journal has been focused on healthy living and conscious lifestyles for nearly four decades. This monthly publication delves deep into the body-mind-spirit connection. Save up to 71%! View this deal ›

Tennis Magazine

If your universe revolves around the world of tennis, look no further than Tennis Magazine. Interviews and photography are combined with more nuts-and-bolts articles to create a truly comprehensive publication. Save up to 60%! View this deal ›

Baseball Digest

Baseball Digest, founded in 1942, is the oldest-running baseball magazine in the United States. This bi-monthly publication publishes six issues each year, covering all aspects of the game – from college to minor leages to the major leagues. Save up to 13%! View this deal ›

This list serves as an "other" category for magazines that focus on specific sports. Get steep discounts off standard pricing with these sport-specific magazine subscriptions and stay informed. These sport-specific publications are highly focused and provide in-depth coverage of your sport of choice.

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